Glad it’s Friday but I can’t believe how fast the week went!  Overall it was pretty good, the restaurant was busy every night (until tonight), got in some quality treadmill runs and swims and a Wednesday bike ride!  I’m starting to get more used to the treadmill running and can see some improvement in my fitness, still I can’t wait until the temperatures come down so I can run outside in the afternoon (months away unfortunately).

Even though it was hot I felt pretty strong riding on Wednesday.  Solid efforts on the hills and moving pretty good on the flats!  After riding we met with our wedding caterer, Creative Hands Cuisine  at my parents house so that they could scope it out.  They had some excellent suggestions as far as timing of the cocktail hour etc.  So far I have really enjoyed working with them!  Amy put together a really cool wedding table plan/layout on InDesign.  This way we can get a good idea of the tables we need to rent, in the next couple weeks things should really start to come together as far as wedding plans!

Pretty much the rest of my non-working/working out time has been spent helping my friend JB get the Point of Sale (POS) system up and running at his bar, the Draw 10.  It’s always been one of my favorite watering holes and JB and his wife are good friends so I don’t mind helping them out.  They have a pretty large selection of beers and a decent size menu for a bar so it has been a lot of work but we should be able to go live on Monday.  He’s had the system for at least 8 months but because of internet connection issues and a host of other problems we’ve just recently been able to try and get it running.  To test things out, all this week the staff has been ringing mock orders through the machine and writing down issues that need to be fixed.  I’ve been going in before work each morning and fixing what ever is on the list, each day the list get shorter and shorter!  Once we get the system up and running it will  help him run his business in a more organized and hopefully more profitable manner.

Other random thoughts:

– Wine sales people: If you say you’re going to stop by with a supplier and you don’t show or call it doesn’t endear me to you very much, especially if I was waiting around for you before I went to the gym!

– Added another Arizona Wine to our list:

The Pillsbury Wine Company “Wild Child” White

– Awesome mountain stages the past few days in the Tour de France!

– Ragbrai starts this weekend, wish I was going to be there but it’s just not in the cards this year.  I’m sure everyone on Team Gold Bond will have a blast, they are a fun group of people!

Final Thought:

– A nice Very Demotivational Poster: